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All enrolled students/parents are required to join our Band app. Please Follow these links


- Simply choose class of interest
- Can walk in to inquire or Contact Amy for Trial

by text/phone/email with following details:

* Name + age of Student
* Date looking to Trial a class
* You will receive confirmation text/email back
* Fill in Trial book on arrival
* Can fill in enrolment form once classes are chosen


2023 TSCM) Alyssa Pinnock.4.jpg

Commercial is the style of dance you see in music videos, on TV and in film. It has a flashy structure involving commercial walks, strutting, vogueing, whacking, posing and head whipping.


Commercial is the embodiment of sass, attitude and self expression.


Anytime, Anywhere

Hip Hop is a genre known mostly for it's street dance roots, and it combines many different elements from Old school, New school, Dance hall, House, Boogaloo, Lyrical Hip Hop, Waving, Popping, Locking, Tutting,  etc. Hip Hop has now become a world wide respected genre, and at A.N.D.S. We run hip hop drills, work on isolations of the body, keep updated with all the new age music and style, and place a big emphasis on freestyle which encourages our dancers to find their unique style

Adult Hip Hop  classes ALSO AVAILABLE!

2023 SHH) Jofet Etaka.3.jpg



Jazz  is a technique based dance form, we teach strong jazz technique for  feet, legs, jumps, turns & enhance core strength & flexibility,

Our technical training is industry standard and we are constantly updating. Our Jazz style is modernised and matching to the current era of Jazz.

This class can combine many styles such as Modern Jazz, Broadway Jazz, Commercial Jazz & Lyrical (lyrical means to dance to the lyrics and tell a story to the song).

Adult Jazz/Con Classes NOW AVAILABLE!



Contemporary is best aimed for ages 14+ as it is generally catered for more matured dancers. We add in the contemporary technique aswell  as working on floorwork, contemporary jumps and improv. This style can sometimes be abstract & sharp or can also be pretty, meaningful and strong, can sometimes seem 'similar' to that of lyrical but is not to be confused as lyrical.


2023 JIB) Bailee Norman-Linke.3.jpg

Ballet class is heavily based on Ballet technique,working the entire body into ballet form including a lot of Barre work and Centre work. Ballet is the foundation of all dance and is so helpful to have for all genres. These classes are ATOD based training. No exams.



This Pointe class is aimed for beginner-advanced levels of training in pointe shoes, however is also highly recommended for all ballet dancers to strengthen feet, ankles and technique,.


For safety reasons Pointe shoes are only suggested for those ready and assessed by a  qualified Pointe ballet teacher. 


2023 JIT) Zayne Martinez.2.jpg

Tap dance is a fun genre creating beats and rhythms with your feet with many  tap techniques & combos.

Use of Tap shoes is necessary for this class. 


This tap class Caters forms of Classical Tap, Broadway Tap, Musical Tap and Street Tap.


2023 TSFF) Charlotte Seal_edited.jpg

This class is a fusion of Dance, Tricking, Martial Arts, Acrobatics and props fused into fierce choreography!

Gain Strength and agility!

Please note this class is of martial arts influence only based on performance and stage action. This is not a Martial Arts or Self Defence Class.


2023 TSA) Adyeline O'Shea.4.jpg

Acro is based on Acrobatics and Tumbling. Similar to gymnastics with dance elements added. Students learn all the correct strength and technique of cartwheels, Handsprings, Jumps, Tricks, Aerials, Partner work etc.

We are very big on safety in this class, so students need to learn their basics to be strong enough to handle big tricks.




Ages 8+. Selection only via audition or invitation.

Want to get into the competition world? Dance competitions are a great way to improve your skills, performance and confidence as a dancer! We compete regionally across Victoria. Competitors can choose which comps to perform in from solos, duos, Trios & troupes. Must Book in seperate privates to learn choreography.

Troupes + Crews require higher dedication to competitions.

comp team pic.jpg
2023 SUH) Mariah Tejones.4.jpg

New set class! Urban Heels is a fun class derived of commercial/funk and sassy styles involving strut walks, fun choreography and floor-work. As this is a much more mature style of dance members must be 16 & over.

Ankle style boot heels are preferable and more comfortable for this class, however you may choose any style heels to begin with.


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