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2020 RAC STAFF - Emilie Harrison + Amy N
Amy Newton Christie

Amy began as a self-taught Hip Hop dancer/teacher and choreographed her first concert at the age of 17 at her high school in 1995. Amy trained 11 yrs in Martial Arts attaining her black belt in 2000, she also competed regionally in Karate tournaments receiving placings in all categories including winning the Black Belt Open in her younger years. Due to her background in martial arts Amy firmly believes in running fun enjoyable classes for all ages, but with a strong foundation of discipline: maintaining respect, growth, resilience as well as encouragement and mental/physical stamina.

Finding her love in dance she taught in various schools & community centres across Victoria and opened her own school Amy Newton Dance Studios in 2001 with a Cert 4 in Business.
In 2009-2010 Amy completed a full-time Diploma of Dance & attained Cert 4 in Teaching & Management with professional teachers from Melbourne covering Ballet, Jazz, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Tap, Voice & Theatre. During this time Amy performed at the Victorian Training Awards at Crowne Casino Melbourne. After finishing her full-time training, she began broadening the schools dance curriculum.

Amy is the main teacher for Hip Hop, Jazz, Contemporary, Comp Team an
d Fierce Fusion. Outside the dance school Amy is involved in other dance work such as teaching and training Debutante Balls & choreography since 2015. Also choreographing School Productions, Club Gigs, Sports model comps, and has assisted and co judged in pole comps also. Amy co-judged alongside Justice Crew at Shepparton Hip Hop Fest and has choreographed flash-mob work for Adam Thompson.
Amy offers dance workshops with industry professionals as much as she can and encourages her students to broaden their dance learning continuously, and  to be challenged with options/opportunities to take it further one day. Amy has assisted many students attain Professional Full-time Training with the likes of Robert Sturrock, Ministry of Dance, VCA and Transit.

Amy stands by her motto:
"Perform for an Audience...But Dance for Yourself"​!
2023 SUH) Jennah Ahmet.3.jpg
Jennah Ahmet

Jennah choreographs and teaches genres: Hip Hop + Commercial 


Jennah has been a Hip Hop student throughout the years of ANDS since she was 11 yrs old beginning her first year in 2009. Due to her high level of skills and abilities in hip hop at such a young age Jennah was the first student to jump from Jnrs to Adv in just one year, skipping inters and Snrs. Jennah is and has always been known for her capturing performances on stage and on film. She has received many lead roles including own choreography via auditions. 

Jennah has featured in film clips for ANDS and was also selected for the dance film "No "at Bukis Dance Studio in Sunbury. Jennah is a member of our Advanced group and continues her love of teaching and creating in her favourite styles of Old School Hip Hop and Dance Hall.

Jennah will continue teaching Hip Hop + Commercial classes and supervise/assist staff in class/admin or dance related roles and decisions with concert work

Jennahs ANDS awards:

* Jnr Dancer of the Year - 2009

2024 Abbigail Makin STAFF photo.jpg
Abbigail Makin

Abbigail is a returned student and staff member! She began at ANDS when she was 10 starting in jazz and worked up into genres of Hip Hop, Commercial, Contemporary, Ballet, Acro and Tap. Abbigail joined our staff in 2020. She was also an an advocate Dance Competitor competing regionally for 5 yrs under ANDS. She was also a member of ADT performing in gigs and shows. When Abbigail was 18 she was accepted into VCA Dance in Melbourne and begun her new journey there.

Abbigail has returned now after completing 3 yrs of full time dance at VCA completing a Bachelor of fine Arts in Dance. Abbigail has been heavily trained in Ballet and contemporary at VCA but throughout her dance ventures living in Melbourne Abbigail continued dance classes outside of her course such as heels, hip hop, commercial and dance workshops with likes of Timomatic, Robert Sturrock and more. Abbigail has always been a loyal and loving student of ANDS whom continued returning and helping each year at our concerts and also guest performing. 

Abbigail will be teaching Ballet, Contemporary, Jazz and Heels. And will also be available for Competition work. 

Abbigails ANDS awards:

* Jnr Most Improved - 2012

* 5 Yrs Dedication Award - 2016

* Dancer of the Year - 2018

* 5 Yrs Competitor Award - 2020

Tanya Titterall

Tanya has been dancing since she was 3 yrs of age and is trained in Jazz, tap and ballet. She has also studied contemporary, hip hop lyrical  and acrobatics throughout her many years of dance and has performed in various professional and non-professional arenas. Tanya completed full time in dance in her younger yrs and was a well rounded teacher regionally in victoria.  

Amy and Tanya had worked together on different dance projects over the past 15 yrs including dance camps and master classes involving surrounding teachers. 
Tanya has an Advanced Diploma of Arts in dance plus a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. She has also been an ADV (Australian Dance Vision) qualified teacher & ADi examiner for 5 yrs. Tanya had ran her own successful dance school in Tatura, and also 
taught privately in local dance studios and local high schools for over 12 yrs, but due to changes throughout Covid, a career change in nursing and family lifestyle took place.

Tanya is very proficient in Tap, ballet and Jazz. And will be our main teacher for Tap and Ballet Pointe.

2023 SUH) Shinae Harrison.5.jpg
Shinae Harrison

Shinae was previously employed at ANDS in 2016 under a traineeship. She returned to our Staff Team in 2023,

Shinae began dancing at ANDS in 2010 at the age of 12 in Hip Hop and Jazz with her sister Emilie. She joined our Advanced team in 2015 and worked for ANDS in 2016, during that year amongst yr 12 studies Shinae attained a traineeship with us receiving a Cert 3 in Business. Over the years Shinae has continued dancing and maintained her support and voluntary skills in the later parts of the year helping organize and create costumes, props and many other concert requirements.

Shinae has also performed regionally in Shepparton; ANDS shows and Carols by Candlelight and dance demos. As an ADT member she has also performed in gigs and drag shows, nightclubs, Glamour Party and dance films.   

In 2016 She was an extra in the movie “Spin Out" that was filmed in Shepperton. She also appeared in Taylor Henderson’s music video “Light Up the Dark" which was filmed on the set of “Spin Out “. 


Having a firm understanding of our dance studio and industry, Shinae is in charge of our administrative duties, invoicing, concert prep, stock and costume and design. She has also begun teaching and assisting.  

Shinae ANDS awards:

* Dancer of the Year - 2013

* 10 yrs Dedication Award - 2019

2023 SUH) Mariah Tejones.4.jpg
Mariah Tejones

 Mariah choreographs and teaches genres: Hip Hop, Commercial, Jazz + Contemporary.

Mariah began dancing at ANDS in 2011 at just 8 yrs old in Hip Hop and Jazz. She was one of the first members selected to join our first Jnr advanced Hip Hop class in 2012. She moved into the position of Jnr Dance Assistant in 2015 and also competed in regional dance competitions from 2016, placing in all categories of solos, duos, trios and troupes. Mariah began teaching and choreographing from the age of 16 creating amazing Hip Hop numbers for all age groups. Mariah has performed in dance gigs, dance films and has also competed as a beauty pageant for Miss Teen Galaxy in QLD. She has also been a debutante dance teaching assistant and deb ball assistant for Amy.

Mariah is a member of our Advanced group, Snr Urban Heels.
 Mariah is also a Qualified Childcare worker elevating her skills and experience in Teaching Children.

Mariah attended a workshop with the world renowned "Royal Family" in 2022 which gained the interest of their manager inviting her to audition for the Royal Family in New Zealand.
Mariahs ANDS awards:
* Jnr Dancer of the Year - 2012
*10 yrs Dedication Award - 2020
Charlotte Seal

 Charlotte is a well rounded dance teacher and assistant in genres: Hip Hop, Commercial, Jazz, Contemporary, Comp Team, Acro, Fierce Fusion.
Charlotte has been a student at ANDS since she was 8 yrs old beginning her first year in 2016. She has accomplished many goals as a young dancer, including dancing for Katy Perry at the Womens T20 World cup Cricket 2020 final at the Melbourne MCG.
Charlotte performed in L.A at Disneyland and Universal in 2023 with
Dance the Magic tours alongside TDA Performing Arts.
Charlotte is one of our vast competition dancers and has been competing regionally in Dance comps receiving many placings in all categories and genres from solos, duos, trios and troupes over the last 5 yrs. She has also performed regionally; ANDS Show, gigs, Dance demos and participates in workshops annually. Charlotte is a member of Adv Hip Hop/Commercial, Advanced Jazz/Contemporary, Snr Fierce Fusion,  Snr Acro, Snr Tap, Snr Ballet & Comp Team.
Charlotte has also received lead roles and special parts in auditions and was the first youngest student at ANDS to perform 21 dances in a show at just age 11. Since Amys sisters & Mariah, Charlotte is our 4th person to receive a Jnr Dance Assistant position at ANDS over the last 21 yrs.

As a Jnr Assistant teacher, Charlotte 
began co-teaching and choreographing many routines under supervision in 2023, producing her wide skills of experience into amazing choreography. As of 2024 Charlotte is 16 and will now become a Full Dance Teacher + Assistant for ANDS.

Charlottes Awards:
* Dancer of the Year - 2017
* 5 yrs Dedication Award - 2020
* 5 yrs Dance Competitor Award - 2022
Mia Elliott

 Mia joined our staff in 2023. Teaching and assisting in genres: Hip Hop, Commercial, Jazz, Contemporary + Fierce Fusion.
Mia has been a student at ANDS since she was 5 yrs old beginning her first year in 2012. Mia was selected as one of our Jnr Advanced members in 2016 and has also danced for Katy Perry at the Womens T20 World cup Cricket 2020 final at the Melbourne MCG.

Mia is one of our competition dancers and has been competing regionally in Dance comps receiving placings in all categories and genres from solos, duos, trios and troupes since 2020. She has also performed regionally; ANDS Shows, gigs, Dance demos. Mia is a member of Adv Hip Hop/Commercial, Advanced Jazz/Contemporary, & Snr Fierce Fusion. She has also received special audition roles performed in our Concerts including own chory duos.

Mia showed great incentive taking on and filling in for different teachers throughout 2023, giving her many areas of experience before choreographing amazing routines in our end of year concert.
Mias awards:
* Excellence Award - 2018
* 10 yrs Dedication Award - 2021
Angela Baxter

 Angela is our newest member to the Team for 2024
Angela has been a student at ANDS since she was 9 yrs old beginning her first year in 2017. Angela was one of our Jnr Advanced members in 2016 and she has danced for Katy Perry at the Womens T20 World cup Cricket 2020 final at the Melbourne MCG.

Angela is a competent singer performing in regional gigs and productions and a featured singer in the band "Misty Kid". She has received 2 Georgy Awards; Judges award for Excellence in Choreography for "Legally Blonde" 2022 in which she also featured as the character Brooke Wyndham, and the Joyce Baker-Dawber Award for Junior Choreography for "Anastasia" 2023. Angela competed on our Comp Team placing in solos and trios in 2021.  She has also performed regionally; ANDS Shows, gigs, Dance demos, Shepp Fest and is a member of Adv Hip Hop/Commercial, + Advanced Jazz/Contemporary. She has also received special audition roles performed in our Concerts including own chory duos.
She has recently modelled and is featured in Jay Jays clothing stores.

Along her  talents in dance and performance, at such a young age Angela is already proficient in social media
 and business promotional work, including editing and design. She also Created our concert poster "Mixtape" for 2023.

Angelas awards:
* Excellence Award - 2019
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